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 World Salsa Summit 2019 was an incredible experience! I gave it my all and I applied the lessons I learned from last year, only to leave with even more lessons this time around. Thank you to Jose Serrano for training me and being my professional partner in the Pro-Am divisions and helping me go back to the basics and improve them! Thank you to Mayah Sandock for also providing input on how I can improve and for also helping along the way! Thank you to Ibrahim C for being my amateur division partner and for giving it your all out there! Thank you to Carlos Alberto Ramirez for my amazing costume! Thank you to everyone else who has supported me and sent me positive vibes and messages, as it was what I needed, as competition is something that I put my heart and soul into!

The results show how close the competition is. I competed against those not just from the U.S.A., but from the world, which is a big accomplishment in itself.

My goal of placing 3rd in at least one division is still not reality, but I know what to work on and am ready to embark on the journey to train for WSS 2020! 2020, here I come! They say 3rd time is a charm, so I am hoping that is the case for me  :)

2019 Results
**Made the finals for 5 out of 6 divisions**

Small breakdown of some rounds:

Amateur Just Bachata Intermediate: 6th - .45 away from 1st place (.18 of a point from 3rd place)

Amateur Just Salsa Pre-Intermediate: 5th - .55 of a point away from 1st (.48 of a point from 3rd place)

Amateur Just Salsa Intermediate: 5th- .75 points away from 1st (.40 of a point from 3rd place)

Pro-Am Ladies Bachata Pre-Intermediate: 5th - .37 points away from 1st; .14 of a point away from 3rd place

 World Salsa Summit 2019