Back from the 2018 World Salsa Summit! in Miami, Florida! What an eye opening experience and an emotional roller coaster! I pushed myself to another limit and competed in in the Ladies Amateur Salsa Solo, as well as Intermediate and Pre-Advanced Bachata and Salsa heats! Two of my best accomplishments were to make it to the final round for the Intermediate Salsa heat and being 0.12 points away from 3rd place in the Pro-Am Intermediate Bachata heat! Thank you to Carlos Alberto Ramirez for the amazing costume! I received a lot of compliments and it flowed so nicely on the floor! :) Thank you to everyone who encouraged and supported me along the way, especially Leah Santourian for being my makeup artist/accessory artist/motivator, Ajje Eversley for coming from Jacksonville to support the team in person, and Alex Gonzales for giving me words of encouragement when I needed them the most. I had people I didn't originally know come up to me and tell me that my dancing was amazing and that they could see how hard I have been working. Those words were so good to hear. Thank you to Serena Cuevas and Franklin Liranzo for training me along this journey! I truly appreciate you both and you both have taught me so much! :) I come back a stronger dancer and person and for that I am grateful! Here's to the future....:)

 World Salsa Summit 2018

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